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The Lord appointed the five-fold ministry to equip believers for their work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-14).

The Main Goal of this course is to build up and strengthen your Faith to be deeply rooted in God’s truth and to equip you to live victoriously in everyday life as a child of God – regardless of your circumstances.

It is about discipling you in Hands-On, Everyday Life with Christ.

Who you are, and what you believe in your heart, impact how you function in the various roles of your life, for as a person believes in his heart, so is he. Sometimes we need somebody in the body of Christ, to walk with us and help us clarify what we believe about God, about ourselves and others, so that our peace, faith, hope, love, and joy can increase. The Lord made a solemn promise that He would bless us and look after us. The question is – what hindrances or lack of knowledge have made you loose sight of who God is and of His promises?

This course will help you make sense of your Bible and know God more intimately. You will learn to hear His voice and to follow His lead – not only your personal life, but also in serving and ministering to others. Whether you are a parent, spouse, counsellor, leader or someone’s friend – this course will enrich and empower you to develop the potential that Father God has put in you.

Our team is standing by to encourage, mentor, and pray you through until completion of the course.

Course Outline

The Course is new and fresh from the throne room of God. We believe that it will lay a solid foundation in Jesus Christ, Father God and Holy Spirit, to build up your faith, hope and love. Don’t worry, the Lord will meet you where you’re at and develop what He has put in you, for the purpose that He has designed and destined you for.

All the lessons (teachings) in the Modules have the format of a video lesson, and a “Living the Lesson Homework Project” where you get to live the Word – practical, hands-on, as orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Modules 2 and 3 of this course are exactly the same as the Beloved Faith Maker Course.

The see the Content of Modules 2 – Developing Faith through the Word and Module 3 – Doing Life with God, please follow the link HERE.

Module 1: Introduction to Ministry

  1. What is Ministry? (22 Jan)
  2. Who is a Minister? (29 Jan)
  3. “Laugh” through Life (5 Feb)
  4. The “Where” of Ministry (12 Feb)
  5. Hurdles, Detours and Potholes (26 Feb)

Final Project (11-20 Nov)

  • In the Final Project, it is about Combining Everything that You Have Learned, with What God has Put in You
  • Being Equipped is the Beginning, not the End.
  • A Checklist for Your Journey
  • Graduation Ceremony @Tarlton is 29 Nov 2020