Beloved Faith Maker Course

This course is supplementary to the book Beloved Faith Maker, The Believer’s Manual.

There are two Modules (series of teachings) in the Course, namely 1: Developing Faith through the Word, and 2: Doing Life with God.

At first, getting to know God was based on what others have told me. When I started reading “Beloved Faith Maker” I realised that I knew of God but I didn’t really know Him as well as I thought. The book itself gave me a lot of insight into who God is, but most importantly, through doing the questions and spending time with God, He is showing me who He truly is! Our relationship is growing stronger every day.”

From a Reader of Beloved Faith Maker and Course Attendee

I thought that I knew God, until I started to read “Beloved Faith Maker”.  I finally understand God and the title of the book. He is truly the beloved faith Maker. 

Another Testimony

I have always struggled with the idea that God loves EVERYBODY unconditionally. It was a very abstract thought to grasp and understand. Even when people said to me, “God loves you”, in the back of my mind it meant, “Yes, He is supposed to love everyone…

Now, FINALLY! When God told me He loves me, in that moment nobody else exists, it is just me and God. Just me! He loves me! Not because He is supposed to, not because He loves everyone, but because of what He put in me, because of who I am! Not because of my degree, not because of my shoes, not because of my hairstyle, just ME!!!

God loves ME!!!! His love overwhelms me! Nobody can love the way God loves.

A Reader from South Africa (June 2020)

Beloved Faith Maker, The Believer’s Manual is NOT an ordinary manual! It is about GOD being your Manual as IMMANUEL as He longs to live in close companionship with you in your ordinary everyday life.

The Holy Spirit is your Trainer as you read and live every chapter and every lesson – taking you from glory to glory in your walk with the Lord, helping you find what is missing in your quest for more of God’s power, peace and joy in your life.

Module 1: Developing Faith through the Word

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Lesson 1 – Making Sense of your Whole Bible

Lesson 2 – Demolishing Three Things that Stop Faith

Lessons 3-7 Connecting with the Heart of God

Lesson 8 – The 3 G’s: Guilt, Grace and Government

Lesson 9 – And End and the New

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Module 2: Doing Life with God

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Lesson 1 – What is the Goal?

Lesson 2 – Godliness: Knowing the Voice of God

Lesson 3 – Your Authority

Lesson 4 – Loving God because He First Loved Us

Lesson 5 – Loving Yourself 1: Acceptance and Purpose

Lesson 6 – Loving Yourself 2: Being Free to Release the Indwelling Christ

Lesson 7 – Loving Yourself 3: Reign with Christ in Everyday Life

Lesson 8 – Loving Others: Be Imitators of God

Lesson 9 – Life Made Easy (1) Being led by Visions, Dreams and Spirit-Word

Lesson 10 – Life Made Easy (2) Flowing in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 11 – God’s Glory in Parenting and Leadership

Lesson 12 – God’s Glory in Marriage

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