TLC Courses

Transforming Lives Courses

Heroic TLC is the Training and Equipping subdivision of Heroic, Christ in us Ministries, presenting and managing live and online Transforming Lives Courses.

The Core Values of Heroic TLC, are –

  • FAITH – to know beyond a shadow of a doubt who God is and whom He made mankind to be
  • TRUTH – not only to be gounded and rooted in the Truth of the Word of God, but also to be truthful about one’s own deepest feelings, emotions and thoughts. Truth is key to receive inner healing, peace and freedom in Christ.
  • LOVE – the Word says that faith works through Love. It is about loving God so much that you are willing to put Him in charge. And it is about loving, accepting and developing yourself as well others for all to fulfill all of their beautiful potential and purpose.
  • COMMITMENT – to remain on course amidst a storm; to be able to keep your faith, hope and love rooted in God and His truth in any circumstance.

We have a team of mentors who are committed to stand by you through thick and thin, and pray you through until you have completed whatever course the Lord has send you to us for.

Our passion is to see people equipped to live their ordinary, everyday lives in companionship with the Lord;

to be rooted in the Word;

to be able to hear His voice;

and to fully know and understand their authority, identity and purpose.

Our hearts desire is to follow the Lord’s lead for every person that He sends to us and help them live the beautiful and blessed lives that Father God intended for them to live.

We are cultivated by the steadfast Love of Father God, and His Grace in Jesus Christ with His help when He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit

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