TLC Courses

But Jesus answered them, “My mother and My brothers and sisters are those who hear the word of God and do it.”

Luke 8:21

1. Beloved Faith Maker Course

Developing Faith through the Word, and Doing Life with God are the two Modules in this course.

This course is a highly recommended must-have for any household to live a glorious life, laying a foundation to be led by the Spirit of God, as beloved children of Father God.

Go to Beloved Faith Maker Course HERE.

2. Hands-On Ministry Course

Although this course is extremely valuable to every believer, it is mainly those who feel they are called for ministry in particular, that are interested in doing the course.

This course can be completed within a year. The first Module is Introduction to Ministry, followed by Developing Faith through the Word, and Doing Life with God from the Beloved Faith Maker Course.

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3. Elevated Life Module

This Module is recommended after doing either the Beloved Faith Maker Course, or the Hands-On Ministry Course. It is fresh from the throne room in 2021!

Elevated Life is intended to help any child of God to be fully equipped to stand firm during any storms, trials and tribulations. You have gone through the fire, you KNOW the Lord, NOW it’s time to step out in more boldness while releasing that which Father God has already put in you!

Are you tired of mediocre, of not making it, of being stuck, feeling that there must be more but you cannot seem to get there? Well then, this module is definitely for YOU!!

Be trained by the Holy Spirit to be like a polished arrow, and your mouth like a sharp sword in the hand of Father God as He releases you in what He has predestined you for (Isaiah 49:1-3).

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4. Finding Your Place in the Body of Christ

Finding Your Place in the Body of Christ is intended to help any child of God to make sense of where Father God is leading them. Sometimes (especially those whom Father God has predestined for Five-fold Ministry) the events in one’s life may look so haphazard and disconnected that it may seem as if there is no plan or structure to it.

Would you like to receive some encouragement and direction for your own life, or be equipped to help others find their place in the body of Christ? Well then, this Module is for you! This Module will also equip you with solid knowledge from the Word, about one’s spiritual journey to maturity – newborns, sons or fathers?

Go to Finding Your Place in the Body of Christ HERE.

5. Lessons for Children Ministry

Laying a solid foundation of God’s truth in the hearts of children are very close to our hearts at Heroic. We have been distributing Lessons to assist pastors invloved in children’s ministry in Africa and the world.

You are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list to receive new lessons, or to receive existing lessons.

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Our Core Values

At Transforming Lives Courses (TLC)

Our PASSION is to not only see people EQUIPPED, but also PUMPED with POWER and ANOINTING to live their ordinary, everyday lives in companionship with the Lord!!! And….

Being ROOTED in the Word,

Being equipped to HEAR God’s voice,

By being LED by the Holy Spirit, LIVING the Word of God,

KNOWING God intimately

To be CONFIDENT in GOD as well as in whom Father God made them to be, knowing their their AUTHORITY, IDENTITY and PURPOSE!