Children Ministry Lessons

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Yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ through whom are all things and through whom we exist.

1 Corinthians 8:6

Theme 1: God made me, He loves me, He lives in me

Module: God Made me, He loves me, He lives in me
1. What was God thinking about, when He made me?
2. I am God’s very precious treasure, His pearl of great value
3. I am wonderfully made!
4. Jesus leads us with His peace
5. I am like a house
6. Where does my help come from?
7. What is Faith?
8. What is Hope?
9. What is Love? 
10. Who is my Helper?
11. Jesus, anointed to heal the broken.  Kingdom Principle number 1: Forgiveness
12. Jesus, anointed to heal the broken. Kingdom Principle number 2: First Remove the Beam in your own Eye
Lessons from the Theme: God made me, He loves me, He lives in me

Theme 2: Knowing God gives YOU superpowers!

1. Being Busy with the Things of Your Father, Jesus’ Superhero!
2. The Bible Equips you to be a Superhero Child of God
3. Two 2 Parts in the Bible – Old and New, Physical and Spiritual
4. Adam and Eve – God’s plan and the enemy’s plan
5. Noah – Why did God send the flood?
6. God’s Promise to Abraham, and to YOU
7. The Jews, the Gentiles, and God’s Plan for YOU through Jesus
8. Rahab’s Faith moved God
9. Gideon – God’s Victory when the people were Few and Weak 
10. Samuel Had to Learn the Know God’s Voice
11. Israel’s first 2 Kings – Saul and David
12. What was David’s Superpower that Killed Goliath?
13. What was the big mistake that King Solomon make?
14. God’s Prophets, God’s Special Forces
15. What did prophet Jonah struggle to understand?
16. God’s Promises and Prophesies about Jesus Christ, God’s Messiah
17. Prophet Micah – 3 Things that God Requires of you
18. Prophet Isaiah – 3 things that God Likes a lot
19. What Made God Angry in the Old Testament?
20. God’s New Covenant is YOUR Mission, Superhero child of God!
21. What gave the prophet Jeremiah Hope?
22. Job – Talking with God, or About God?
23. Prophet Daniel – The Kingdom of God is an Everlasting Kingdom
24. Prophet Habakkuk – the Righteous shall live by Faith
25. Prophet Obadiah – Sowing and Reaping
26. Prophet Joel – God will Pour out His Spirit on all Flesh
27. The Birth of Jesus Christ, making God visible 
28. Jesus healed the Sick and Set the Captives Free (Luke 4:40-41)
29. What Jesus didn’t Like
30. Jesus Did God’s Will (John 6:38-40)
31. Building Your House on the Rock
32. The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
33. The Parable of the Seed
34. The Power of Forgiveness
35. Looking for the Beam In Your Own Eye First
36. The ascended Jesus’ Instructions to the 7 Churches
37. Holy Spirit Is Your Helper
38. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit 
39. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
40. Your Superpower of Obedience
Lessons from the Them: Knowing GOD fives YOU superpowers!