A Word for South Africa in 2020

During July and August 2020, I have been praying and asking God to reveal something to me for South Africa.

To me, things are really bad. I was just seeking answers for the future (whether there is a future at all) and following is what I received: –

God showed me that in 1994 there was a fat cow and a calf. The cow is representing His blessings, and the calf is representing economic growth. In the last 25 years we have slaughtered the calf and lived from the meat untill there was nothing left. The cow is in a bad condition because it was never looked after. Because of the cow’s bad condition, it did not take bull, producing no offspring and is now fighting for survival. In South Africa we are now at the worst situation since 1994.

But God showed me that at the end of covid-19 starts a new season.

First, I can see green grass (representing a good raining season), and then the cow (because of the good grazing) will gain weight quickly, and take bull.

In the following season there will be a big, healthy calf. In the season after that, there will be two calfs, which means our economy will grow at a faster pace than ever before – so there is light at the end of the tunnel – His name is Jesus! God has not forgotten us.

Be blessed. Thanks God, for being the best Father in the world.

Arie van Vliet