Life Made Easy (1) Be Led By Visions, Dreams and Spirit-Word

For all who are led by the Spirit or God, are sons (mature children) of God.

Romans 8:14

I truly believe that Father God intended to make our lives much, much easier by giving us His Holy Spirit as our Helper!!

We all enter this world as newborn babies with great potential, but we all need to learn to uncover what God has put in us, and to learn to live life to he fullest. This teaching is an important stepping stone in becoming equipped to live victoriously as a child of God, being led by the Holy Spirit through visions, dreams and Spirit-Word – to release the indwelling anointing of Christ in your everyday life.

Have FUN!!!

Living Lesson 9 Homework Project

Additional Reading – Chapter 15 of Beloved Faith Maker.

 1). Analyze a dream that you’ve had recently, that was not a ‘Garbage’ dream.

a) Briefly describe the dream

b) Which category of dream would you say it is? (Direction/Warning; Healing; Wisdom or Advice; Encouragement)

c) Name each of the elements of the dream – Like Places, People, Objects, Colors, describe the Scene

d)  For each element, what do they resemble in your life personally, or what have you discovered their meaning from the Word or from a Dream book conatining Spirit-filled explanations.

e) Overall, describe the meaning of the dream and the message that you feel the Lord has given you.

2). During the next few days, when someone asks you for advice, or you counsel, preach teach, talk, or need guidance from the Lord, trust God to lead you with a vision (a picture) that comes into your mind from your spirit.

Report back, describing the context, topic, picture and interpretation of your vision.

Don’t over-think this and do not be afraid. Simply allow the Holy Spirit to flow. It’s okay if you make mistakes – that’s how we learn.

3). Do you need some advice or counsel from the Lord in any area of your life? Pick a topic and seek a Rhema word from the Lord using your Bible.

For example – if you choose Finances as a Topic – Find and read scriptures about money, finances, sowing, giving and the like. Read until you receive a Rhema Word as described in this teaching.

Don’t over-think it. Be at peace and submissive to the Lord. We willing to receive from and be led by the Holy Spirit. Do NOT simply open up your Bible and pick the first verse that you see! Take your time. Follow the Lord’s lead. Expect to rexeive guidance from the Lord as you reverently enter His presence to drink from the river of life that flows from the throne of the Lord, through the Word, to you.