Lesson 8 – The 3 G’s: Guilt, Grace and Government

This teaching will help you overcome Guilt, Shame, Regrets and Blame. Do you blame yourself for something that happened in the past? Or are you tormented by regrets like “I should’ve”, “could’ve” or “must’ve”? Then this video is a must watch.

Additional Reading

Beloved Faith Maker Chapters 11 and 12.

Living Lesson 8 Homework Project

1.   Make a list of EVERYTHING that you feel GUILTY about.  What are your deepest REGRETS? What CHOICES do you desperately wish that you could change? What UNFORTUNATE CIRCUMSTANCES, CONDITIONS or OUTCOMES do you blame yourself for?

Jesus was in the grave for three days. Take your time. Don’t rush this.

Make sure that you get ALL the things that you feel guilty about out onto this piece of paper. You do NOT want to remain in this grave – it is very DARK and it STINKS in there!!! Get EVERYTHING out NOW!!

2.   List anything and everything that God has forgiven you for.

The Word says that He thinks of your mistakes no more …. then …. after you have made you list… scratch out everything on your list as if it never happened!

3.   Now make a list of EVERYTHING that you are holding against ANYBODY else. Who are you ACCUSING of what?  Who are you BLAMING for what? What  are your EXPECTATIONS of DEMANDS on others that you keep them accountable for?

      Take your time – make your list as complete as possible.

4. a)  When you feel peace in your heart, from the Holy Spirit, that you have listed EVERYTHING, then you write Colossians 2:13-14 in BOLD and COLOURFUL LETTERS all over your LIST!!!!  

Also, make sure to memorize this Scripture, for it is the fulfilment of what Jesus Christ, the Messiah, came to do for YOU, CANCELLING ALL YOUR DEBTS, with its LEGAL DEMANDS.

     b)  Are you ready to REALLY cancel the list of debt and expectations of your second list?

           If so, write in BOLD over the list “YOU OWE ME NOTHING –YOUR  DEBT is CANCELLED”!!


At Jesus’ grave, there was a huge stone in front of the grave. And there were guards. No person could move the stone in their own strength. On the stone, I imagine the letters written, “GUILTY as charged”.

Then God sent an earthquake, and He sent an angel to move the stone. Then the grave was empty.

“You have received the circumcision of Christ made without hands – being buried with Christ in baptism, in which you were also raised with Him through FAITH in the POWERFUL working of GOD, who raised Him from the dead.” (Colossians 2:11,12)

You have been raised with CHRIST and you are FREE to ACCEPT the NEW that God declared through the prophets! You are GOD’s own workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, for good works that GOD predestined that you should walk in them.  ONLY GOD is accountable for your journey and to help you fulfill your purpose – no one else. God promised that ALL your needs WILL be fulfilled in JC.

Required to be completed and submitted by you, to your Mentor for marking and feedback.

5. Have you completed questions 1-4?  If so, you are welcome to share anything that you have experienced with the Lord while answering these questions. Did He show you something? Did you sense something in the Spirit?  (You do not need to submit your lists from questions 1-4, unless you feel led to do so.)

6. Please read, or listen to, Chapters 11-12 of Beloved Faith Maker, the Believer’s Manual.

7. Answer the Glory to Glory Q&A at the end of Chapters 11 and 12.