Lesson 2 – Godliness: Knowing the Voice of God

Knowing the Voice of God could save your life and increase the quality of your life!

God has the ability to FEEL very deeply, and He is deeply committed to all He made and love – including YOU.

His desire is to guide you and take care of you – all through the ups and downs of life, by living your ordinary, everyday life, in close companionship with you.

Be trained by the Holy Spirit to discern HIS voice from the voice of your own mind, own emotions, and the voice of the enemy, who is out to test your faith and to derail your relationship with the Lord.

Supllementing Beloved Faith Maker, Chapter 15 – Ruth van Vliet

Living Lesson 2 Homework Project

1. Please read , or listen to, Chapter 15 of Beloved Faith Maker, the Believer’s Manual.

2. Answer the Glory to Glory Q&A at the end of Chapter 15.

3. Fill in the missing words:

Romans 8:14 (ESV) For all who are ________ by the Spirit of God are sons (mature children) of God.

4. Are the following statements True or False?

1.  Israel grieved the Lord when they stubbornly rejected the Lord’s guidance and advice.

2.  When Israel rejected the Lord’s guidance and advice, they actually rejected His protection and blessings.

3.  Father God gives the Holy Spirit to anyone who asks Him.

4.  God’s way IS the way of blessing.

5.  Holy Spirit intercedes for you according to the will of God.

6.  Jesus promised that rivers of living waters will pour out of your innermost being, referring to the Holy Spirit who lives in YOU when you believe.

7.  The Holy Spirit is the power of God to regenerate the new life of Christ in your heart, and mind and soul.

8.  According to Hebrews 5:13-14, the mature have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.

9.  God was completely unmoved by Israel and Judah when they were carrying out a plan that wasn’t His.

10. The enemy tries to invade the Lord’s domain (purchased by the blood of Christ) in your heart and mind, because he wants to destroy your faith in, and intimate relationship with, the Lord.

11.  Deception is when you think you have received revelation from the Lord, but it turned out that what you heard was not His voice.

12.  When you over-think something, or is over-emotional, you could be prone to hearing what you WANT to hear, and not what GOD is saying to you.

13.  It is better to fear God (in a good way), than to fear people – by seeking their approval and recognition by trying to please them, rather than to led by the Lord.

14.  According to Titus 2:11-12 God’s grace appeared (like a safety net) to help us renounce ungodly passions and worldly desires, to live self-controlled and godly lives.

15.  A word of God neither disheartens the meek, nor encourages the wicked to keep on doing evil.