Lesson 1 – What is the Goal?

This teaching is the first in the series Doing Life with God to help you simplify your life, helping you live a fulfilling and glorious life! This series of lessons uses the book Beloved Faith Maker, the Believer’s Manual, and follows after the series Developing Faith through The Word.

Feeling lost or overwhelmed for whatever reason?

Let us help you uncover what YOUR Maker has already put inside of YOU and equip you for the life that God intended for you to live – in close companionship with Him in living everyday life.

Doing Life with God (1) – What is the Goal?

Living Lesson 1 Homework Project

1. Please read , or listen to, Chapter 13 and 14 of Beloved Faith Maker.

2. Answer the Glory to Glory Q&A at the end of Chapter 14.

3. Fill in the missing words:

  1. Romans 12:9 (ESV) Let ____________ be genuine.  Abhor what is _______; hold fast to what is good.
  2. 1 Timothy 1:5 (ISV) The goal of this instruction is ____________ that flows from a __________ heart, from a ______________ conscience, and from ________________ faith.

4. Match Column A with column B with the most likely answer:

COLUMN A                                                                         COLUMN B

a.  Genuine LOVE                                                             i. To believe and trust God without any false

                                                                                                motives or manipulation

b.  EVIL                                                                              ii. A heart that is free from things like fear,

                                                                                                bitterness, envy, worries, resentment, guilt

c.  PURE heart                                                                 iii. A mind that is focused on God, practicing

                                                                                                forgiveness, worshipping God in Spirit and in


d.  CLEAR conscience                                                     iv. Love that comes from the heart

e.  SINCERE faith                                                              v. Actions that bring about destruction, pain,

                                                                                                sorrow, strife, guilt, revenge, fears, and the


5. Peter advices us to make every effort to SUPPLEMENT our FAITH, as partakers of the divine nature, to live the life that God intended for us to live.

Name the 7 qualities that the Apostle Peter lists in 2 Peter 1:5-7.

6. Answer the following questions truthfully:

6.1  Do you feel totally secure in your relationship with God, and in whom He made you to be? If not, what do you feel uncertain about?

6.2  Do you feel that sometimes you need to fake compassion and love? If so, what is stopping you from expressing love and compassion in that situation?

6.3  Think about the past month – was there anything that you lied about? If so, why did you feel the need to lie?

6.4  a) List any talents and spiritual gifts that you feel the Lord has given you.

b)  When looking at your list, which gifts or talents (if any) have you NOT used during the past month?

c)  What do you feel need to happen, for you to use these gifts or talents? 6.5  Name 3 truths about God, that you have learned from someone else, that you feel you wouldn’t have understood without their help.