Beloved Faith Maker

Beloved Faith Maker, The Believer's Manual
The Believer’s Manual

The Believer’s Manual

Helping you have Faith, working through Love;

For it is better to be consumed by Faith than to be consumed by fear;

And it is better to be consumed by Love than to be consumed by hurt.

Ruth van Vliet

Beloved Faith Maker has one mission –
To connect the reader with the deepest desires of God’s heart so that they are not only able to trust Him beyond a shadow of a doubt, but are also deeply moved by the beauty of His heart.

This book was lovingly compiled to empower the reader to make sense of events throughout the Bible and be absolutely certain about who God is, and who Jesus (the Messiah) is.

Beloved Faith Maker in Telugu
Beloved Faith Maker in Telugu

Beloved Faith Maker was translated into Telugu in 2020 by Pastor Syam Giddi of Rajamundry, India.

Pastor Syam is our dear brother and fellow-worker in Christ and he can be contacted on +917207336749.

You may order your own Telugu translation from him personally.

We trust that the Beloved Faith Maker Supplementary Course will also be available in Telugu later in 2021.

BFM also presents a manual for living ordinary, everyday life in close companionship with the Lord. The intention is to equip the reader to follow God’s lead through both good times, and tough times when they might be troubled by fears, anxiety, despair, disappointments and other challenging emotions and thoughts.

“You have never quite seen the Old Testament this way. Ruth van Vliet takes you on a comprehensive, insightful, and inspiring journey starting in the Old Testament and ending with the good news of our salvation through Jesus.

Beloved Faith Maker strengthens you in your faith, hope and love, and gives you a solid foundation to build upon.

A must read to enhance your everyday Christian life.”

Denise Jordan, Apostle and Trainer at Apostolic Movement International (2019).

Beloved Faith Maker is made up of 3 Parts, totalling a number of 16 chapters.

Following is an extract from Chapter 1

“Have you ever wanted to watch a movie, but instead of watching it from the start, you started in the middle and watched for five minutes? Then, weeks later, you watch either the same five minutes again, or you watch another five or ten minutes starting from another place in the movie.
Do you think I’m nuts? Well, it would be nuts to try and watch a movie like that and follow what’s going on.
We don’t watch movies like that, yet we often read the Bible that way.
Agreed – the Bible is much, much bigger to read, listen to, or watch in just one sitting. The struggle is real.
The Bible is big and to read it all overwhelms many people.
This book is intended to help you with this dilemma as it equips you with a condensed version of events from beginning to end. It follows the books of the Old Testament chronologically up through the New Testament, so that you can watch a “movie” of the events playing off in your mind’s eye while reading.”

Not only will the reader be taken on a journey through the Bible to know God more intimately, but also on a journey of discovering purpose and identity.

Every chapter ends with a “Glory to Glory Q&A” whereby the reader will be able to assess his or her own spiritual journey of faith and victory.
Personal growth doesn’t come without challenges, right?
Whatever your experiences are while reading this book, do not lose sight of the goal of being able to live a beautiful and blessed life in companionship with the Lord as He tenderly takes you from one level of glory to the next.

The Outline of Beloved Faith Maker –

Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: What is This Book About?
Part 2: Connecting with God’s Heart from Genesis to Revelation
Chapter 2: From the Beginning
Chapter 3: God Led Israel Out of Egypt and Into the Promised Land
Chapter 4: The Period When the Judges Led God’s People
Chapter 5: Israel’s First Three Kings
Chapter 6: What Did Kings David and Solomon Write About?
Chapter 7: The Divided Kingdom, Prophets Jonah, Amos and Hosea
Chapter 8: Prophets Isaiah and Micah
Chapter 9: Prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Zephaniah
Chapter 10: Job
Chapter 11: The Remaining Books of the Old Testament
Chapter 12: God’s Kingdom
Part 3: How to Reign with Christ in Ordinary, Everyday Life
Chapter 13: Doing Life With God
Chapter 14: Training in Virtue
Chapter 15: Training in Godliness by the Holy Spirit
Chapter 16: Training in Brotherly Affection and Love