Being FREE to Release the Indwelling Christ

Are you FREE to release the indwelling anointing of Christ?

This teaching will help you on HOW not be controlled by your fleshly triggers, but to be FREE to be led by the Spirit of God…. and to LIVE abundantly the life that Father God longs for you!

This is not necessarily a ‘quick-fix’ but it will give you a roadmap for your journey. Make sure that you watch the next video in this series also – Reign with Christ in Everyday Life – to get the full picture. God bless you!

Living Lesson 6 Homework Project

1. Consider events that happened in your life during the past week, and answer the following questions truthfully:

a) Name 3 choices or decisions that you had to make.

    For each of these choices or decisions –

b) Did you stop (even for a moment) to ask God what you should choose or decide?

c)  If so, how did God help you make each of your choices or decisions? 

d) If not, how do you think you would have chosen or decided differently, if you had made God part of your decision making process?

2. Would you say that you have accepted your identity as a child of God? Please motivate your answer.

3. a) Name ONE thing that the Holy Spirit has renewed, changed or regenerated in you, over past month. 

b) Would you say that you are open to the Holy Spirit to be led by Him? Motivate your answer.