Loving Others: Be Imitators of God

Therefore Be Imitators of God, like Beloved Children.

Ephesians 5:1 ESV

Like children naturally imitate their parents, so are we to imitate God as we get to know Him more and more intimately.

Knowing God changes everything – it changes ones outlook, motives, purpose, identity and driving force, as the ultimate purpose of life and living of all creation becomes more and more clear. Allowing God (who made heaven and earth and everything in it) to impart HIS heart and passions into YOUR heart and mind, not only set YOU free and fulfill you with peace and joy and FAITH, but it also empowers you to help and love others.

What truths are there about God that YOU would like to imitate as His child?

Additional Reading

Beloved Faith Maker Chapter 16

Living Lesson 8 Homework Project

1. Complete the following verse, “Therefore be _______________ of God, like beloved children. (Ephesians 5:1)

2. With what you know today about God, name any five characteristics of God that YOU would like to imitate.

3. What is the final outcome of the new covenant of God, as found in Hebrews 8:10-13 as well as Jeremiah 31:33-34?

4.  Describe the one warning that one should always keep in mind when helping and ministering to others, based on the final outcome of the new covenant of God?

5. Find answers to the following questions in Chapter 16 of Beloved Faith Maker, and answer them in your own words:

a) What is the cure for unbelief?

b) What is the cure for a hardened heart, disobedience, pride and rebellion?

c) Why is God’s Word called a two-edged sword?

d) List the five things that GOD has done as His part to help us bear fruit.

e) List the 10 the things that we can do as our part to bear fruit.

6. Evaluate yourself by using the following questions using LAUGH:

a) How has this course helped you so far in what/who you LISTEN to?

b) What/who REALLY has first priority in your life? (What/who do you ADORE most?)

c)  How have you UNCOMPLICATED your life since starting this course?

d) How have you become more GROUNDED in the Word and in the Holy Spirit since starting this course?

e) Name at least ONE new healthy HABIT that the Lord has led you to develop since starting this course.