About us

Our Passion

We live to help YOU know and follow Jesus with all of your heart, giving glory to Father God.

We are passionate about equipping those whom the Lord send our way, in Word, Spirit and Actions – to live and be all that Father God predestined them to be.


In 1992 Arie was involved in a critical car accident, and if it wasn’t for the divine intervention of God, he would have died. The car accident left him paralyzed in his left leg. He had to endure a lot of pain and had to take many pain killers to get through the day. Arie was in a wheelchair for some time, and then with the help of crutches, physio and a leg brace which supported the lower part of his leg, he was able to walk again, but with unbearable pain.

Four months before attending the Men’s Conference, in October 1999, he broke his ankle, because the bone became brittle due to the shortage of blood flow. According to medical advice it could lead to amputating the lower leg just above the ankle, should the blood flow not improve.

When Arie attended the Men’s conference, pastor Neels prayed for him to be healed and he was healed instantly – all the pain went away; he could walk without the brace and received total healing of the Spirit and body and also received the healing anointing to heal other people. Praise the Lord!!

From that day a new relationship and passion to serve God started for Arie.
He realized for the first time that God loves us unconditionally with all our shortcomings and little faith.

Arie and Ruth then started to serve God with a passion to change lives – to try and make a difference in the world by introducing people to Jesus – or take them out of bondage so that they can realise the big dream God has for them and what God’s purpose is for them in His Kingdom.

In 2005 Arie published the book “Die vier Evangelies in Een” (The four Gospels in one).
God has given him the instruction (mandate) to write the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) in one sequence with the working of the Holy Spirit, where the instruction also indicated that not one verse must be left out or not referred to. The reader can now read the four gospels as one.

From 2006 to 2009 they started discipleship conferences in Roodepoort – the main focus was to train people to become disciples for Jesus.

In 2009 they felt the Lord was saying that He wanted them to build a shed/ church/ centre in faith on the farm in Randfontein, where they lived.

The Lord provided everything that was needed in order to build the shed/ church.
Since March 2009 the Conferences are held at the Heroic (barnyard) worship centre for Jesus.

In 2010 after attending a Mighty Men Conference, hosted by Angus Buchan, Arie felt that the Lord commissioned him to hold Mighty Men Conferences at Heroic with a direct order to get men out of the worldly Bondage and make them Leaders for Jesus.

In 2011 two Heroic Mighty Men Conferences were held.

Ruth has published her first Christian novel “Geskenke vir Salomie” in 2011 and it was also published in English a little while later as “Offerings for Salome”.

In 2012 the Lord said that we should fellowship and worship every Sunday morning. Since that day, we have held a Church service every Sunday.

From 2016 the Lord opened international doors and by 2021 they have been ministering in over 7 countries – laying the foundation of Jesus Christ, rooted in the Word and in the Holy Spirit, in the hearts and minds of God’s children.